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Why advertisers are using music to target customers

March 7, 2017

Advertisers could benefit from utilising the emotional impact of music to attract customers, according to a new Campaign article.

Whether or not they are listening actively, people hear everything in their immediate surroundings, and music elicits a stronger emotional response in people than other sounds. For example, people’s brains can release up to 21% more dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s reward centre, when they are listening to their favourite music.

Music also has an effect on people’s purchasing choices. This is proven by a 1997 study that observed customers’ wine purchases when they were exposed to different types of music. French wine outsold German wine five to one when French music was played in the shop, whereas German wine outsold French wine two to one when German music was played. Customers were asked how the music influenced their decisions, but most were unaware that there was even music playing.

Radiocentre recently published a study that proved music’s ability to increase brand recognition. Ads with engaging music were better liked and generated higher subconscious engagement. Yet, only 38% of brand managers claimed to have a defined sound in a 2015 survey.

This percentage may drastically increase in 2017, as sound continues to be the hot trend. Speech-controlled devices that allow users to make requests with their voices and no visual screen, such as the Amazon Echo, are quickly gaining popularity. It would be in brands best interest to begin developing their distinct sound as audio continues to dominate the technology industry.